We are digital storytellers for the new direction of the industry and art of film making. Our extensive production skills combined with our powerful editing capabilities, animation and compositing skills allows us the ability to fulfill any of our client needs. With over 20 years experience in the business, we feel we have the right seasoning for a very successful approach to any production.
3D animation can be a powerful tool if used properly, combined
with the right compositing techniques can unleash your project to
new heights. A combination of 3D programming and cutting edge
tools used to seamlessly integrate models into moving picture has
made it absolutely possible to create anything the mind can imagine.
East meets west as Storyline acquires the Red technology
and utilizes its captivating picture resolution to improve
the look and quality of client driven and original programming.
The camera is a great compliment to the cutting edge film making that has been planned for the year. The camera
package including all of the Red developed and
manufactured peripherals is being made available
for rentals as well. Learn more about the Red,
it's capabilities and performance. Determine for
yourself if Red is right for your production.